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Success Story Spotlight: Meet Our Nutrition Counseling Client of the Month

January 2024

Dawn Watson Client of the Month Success Story Nutrition Counseling January 2024

Congratulations to our newest success story Nutrition Counseling Client of the month, Dawn! Dawn has been working with Registered Dietitian, Christina Lipay for two and a half years!

"I was eating healthy food and not losing weight, I had some other issues that were complicating my weight and fitness levels. I knew I needed professional help. I am an active person and it was frustrating to have lower energy and arthritic knee pain which slowed me down. I knew I could feel better with the right guidance.

The relationship with everyone is the best part, everyone is helpful and professional. Now I have less knee pain and much more energy.

Christina was able to tweak my diet to allow more weight loss, and Mitchell tailored a fitness plan to work around my arthritic knee. I feel they see me as an individual and don't provide cookie cutter solutions that don't work for everyone."


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