Small Group Fitness

Wanting to find a community that helps motivate you to be the best version of yourself? Try some of our small group fitness classes. We offer two types of fitness classes to meet your fitness goals and your passion.


Barbell Conditioning

Want to get better at your barbell lifts? Then our barbell conditioning class is for you! A 45-minute class that works on a variety of barbell lifts with an interval conditioning program at the end. This is great for any experience level whether you’re brand new to lifting or just wanting to perfect your technique while finding some new friends to workout with.

Ignite Fitness

Ready to light that fire within yourself? Our Ignite group class is well rounded consisting of interval training, resistance training, as well as a focus on recovery with stretching and mobility. Push yourself at your own pace while receiving expert guidance from our Ignite exercise specialist and feel motivated from group members.  We are ready to work with you to find that spark or take your fitness to the next level.