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Weight Loss Success Stories: Meet Our Nutrition Counseling Client of the Month

May 2024

Peyton Smith Weight Loss Success Stories Nutrition Counseling April 2024

Congratulations to Peyton Smith for being selected as our Client of the Month for May 2024! Peyton has been an outstanding participant in the Crystal Coast Wellness and Performance nutrition counseling program, working closely with our dedicated dietitian, Cheyanne Bierly.  Let's learn more about Peyton's journey and the impact our program has had on their life.

Peyton has been a part of the program since January 2024, and their motivation to go above and beyond stems from the satisfaction of consistently achieving goals they once thought were impossible. Peyton's determination and perseverance have been truly inspiring.

When asked about advice for someone starting the same program, Peyton emphasizes the importance of patience. Making new changes can be challenging, but Peyton assures newcomers that the process is incredibly rewarding once they get the hang of things.

Peyton joined the program with the goal of gaining control of her health by utilizing food and nutrition effectively. Before joining, Peyton admits to going through the motions and trying fad diets without considering their specific health needs. However, since becoming a part of our program, Peyton's life has transformed. Peyton now feels confident in making healthy choices that not only help her achieve her current goals but set her up for long-term success. Our program has empowered Peyton to make sustainable choices for a healthier future.

One of Peyton's favorite aspects of the program is the accessibility to support from Cheyanne through the app. Having the opportunity to chat with her dedicated dietitian in between appointments has been a game-changer, providing convenience and guidance whenever needed.

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