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Plan on Success

The act of writing the schedule or plan solidifies it within your mind and soul.

Programming or planning is an important part of achieving your fitness and wellness goals. My recommendation is to be prepared and set up a plan before going into the following week or month or year. Flying by the seat of your pants won’t get you very far for very long because it won’t keep you focused and/or motivated.


When you think about your goals try to be realistic. Can you make it from one place to another on time? i.e. from morning yoga class to shower then to drop the kids off at school then to work without stressing yourself out? Each goal you have for the week or month should follow the S.M.A.R.T. philosophy. Is the goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely? Is it possible without stressing you out and rushing around or overtraining you? Is it going to contribute to the progress of your long-term goals?


Finding your why is helpful because your core reason for doing something is often much deeper than the outcome of your goal. Knowing the true reason for a goal will give you intrinsic motivation and help you stick to your goals when the times get tough. Focus on the steps or small goals that build toward the bigger goals. Take them one at a time.


Consider doing a quick workout or class that may be more intense than you are used to 15, 20, or 30-minutes can get you moving and activate muscle groups as well as your brain in the morning before tackling the day.


If possible, sign up for the group classes in advance for the week and create your workout plan or program. You should also discuss your goals with friends and co-workers, you never know if they have some useful knowledge or tips to help. You can even just simply make a post about your intentions to stick to your fitness goals on social media, providing some sense of accountability to your followers.


If you typically train intensely, it is important to include rest and relaxation days into your plan. Taking it easy allows muscles to recover and gives you time to catch up on other tasks that you may need to dedicate time to such as household chores or spending time with family. It adds a sense of balance to an active lifestyle that we all can benefit from.

This vital recovery time allows for time to slow down and reflect on our accomplishments, then we resume our hard work the next day or so. Make sure you incorporate at least one rest day in your weekly workout schedule to reduce the chance of burnout and overtraining.


Get a fancy planner, a piece of paper or even a napkin and write down these goals. Jot down your classes and workouts in your planner, calendar or a piece of notepaper. The act of writing the schedule or plan solidifies it within your mind and soul.

At the end of your day, week, month or even year reflect on your progress and congratulate yourself for completing all of your tasks. Because you didn’t overload yourself with too many tasks or unrealistic goals, you can feel a total sense of accomplishment. This method of planning and journaling will help you track your progress.

It is very rewarding to look back in the pages and see how far you have come in terms of your fitness or endurance goals. You can also visually see and say to yourself, “Hey, I did a lot more than I thought!”


Put the plan into action ASAP. The time is now. The only way you will start to see results is if you truly push yourself and stick to your plan. It’s easy for you to stick to the same workout routine, always doing 20-mins of the elliptical and running at the same pace. If you don’t continue to challenge yourself, you will not progress.

Don’t be afraid to fail either, as it’s more important to always work toward achieving something and improving. We are all ultimately totally responsible for our wellness and we can always improve it if we really want to. All it takes is to actually plan it ahead and then do the work. How satisfying is it to mark through or check off an item on a list? Very.

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