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Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving (a holiday recipe for wellness)

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Thanksgiving Family Dinner
Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving With This Recipe for Wellness

If you're looking for tips on how to go keto, reduce calories in your holiday meal, or make your favorite decadent side dish “healthier.” Our Team of Registered Dietitians at Crystal Coast Wellness and Performance believe strongly that all types of foods can and should be enjoyed – especially during Thanksgiving! You don’t need to make foods “healthier,” nor should you if it sacrifices your happiness when you are with your family this holiday.

The majority of Thanksgiving foods and their recipes are unique, so altering them could alter the flavor too much. In addition, these recipes are deeply connected with our family traditions and American culture. We say embrace Thanksgiving as it is, just be mindful and keep moving.


  • Good Food

  • Good Jokes

  • Family

  • Laughter and Smiles

  • Sprinkles of Movement

  • Pie!!!

Step #1 - Prep for the Meal

“Replace guilt with gratitude this Thanksgiving. To prevent holiday remorse, reflect on nutrition and physical activity achievements the day before and the day after Thanksgiving.”

Christina Lipay RDN, CSOWM, LDN, CDCES

Step #2 -Pay Attention

"Pay attention to your hunger-fullness cues, as you would on any other day. There is always the option of having a second serving later if you get hungry again!"

Amanda Griffin RDN (Now seeing new patients in New Bern)

Step #3 - Leave Room for Pie

"Keep in mind when you are eating that if you fill up completely on the turkey, stuffing, and sweet potato casserole, you may run out of room for the pecan pie."

Amanda Griffin RDN

Step #4 - Keep it Movin'

"Go on a walk with your loved ones after your Thanksgiving meal to avoid that after meal sluggish feeling."

Amanda Griffin RDN

Special Instructions:

“Thankfulness is mindfulness. This is a day to celebrate love and surrounding yourself with family and friends. The food is an accent to the day.”

Jayme Limbaugh MS, RD, LDN, CSCS, CEP, CPT, CCES

Happy to Help!

With this Holiday Recipe, you can take a more respectful, realistic, and enjoyable approach that focuses on behavior change. Allow these tips to motivate you to participate in Thanksgiving without restriction and feel balanced when the celebrations are through.

Holidays are about good food, good jokes ,family and fellowship, thankfulness, and joy; all of that is equally as important to our health and wellness. Our Registered Dietitians are experienced in helping you balance nutrition, exercise, joy, and health.

If you need a little help or for more personalized nutrition and wellness advice, please do not hesitate to start the intake process or call (252) 808-5623 to schedule an appointment with any of our talented Crystal Coast Wellness Dietitians.

For more information about all the services at Crystal Coast Wellness, please visit us on our website.

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