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Cheyanne Bierly

Cheyanne Bierly Registered Dietitian Crystal Coast Wellness



Cheyanne is our newest Registered Dietitian and is currently accepting new patients at our Morehead City and Cedar Point locations. 

What is wellness?

"To me, wellness means achieving personal optimal health for the mind, body, and soul." 

About Cheyanne

Cheyanne has been studying nutrition for over 4 years, majoring in nutrition at UNC Chapel Hill, and continued to study dietetics in graduate school. She has inpatient and outpatient experience practicing dietetics, working with infants, children, and adults. Additionally, Cheyanne began training to become a lactation consultant during her graduate program. She is passionate about working in nutrition and lactation consulting because it allows her to empower individuals to achieve their goals and conquer barriers to meeting these goals. Cheyanne enjoy sharing nutrition knowledge, and supporting people through changes that lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Outside of work, you can find Cheyanne going for a walk or a jog on the beach or playing piano! She love spending time outdoors whether that be a simple nature walk, or camping and hiking. She also loves music and is a classically trained pianist, but now enjoy playing and singing her favorite artist’s songs on the piano. She also enjoys knitting, cooking, and making cheesecakes.


All of our staff can be reached by calling the main office. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

office (252) 808-5623 fax (252) 917-8441

3282 Wellons Blvd Ste B.

New Bern, NC 28562

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