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Running Coaching

What is Running Coaching?

Running coaches design training plans to systematically build your performance towards achieving your running goals. This includes building a base, increasing pace, strength & endurance through specific running workouts, crosstraining, smart tapering for recovery & injury prevention and prescribed warm-ups as well as post-run routines. 


Building your Training Plan

Meeting your goals starts with building a specific training plan customized for you. Running Coaches evaluate your running history and determine your fitness level to create a training calendar to meet your goals, whether your goal is finishing strong, hitting a personal record or placing in the top finishers. 


We use the latest technology to create a better picture of your health. Your coach will use Trainerize to deliver your program. You will see your plan directly on your phone. You will also have two-way messaging with your coach to provide any necessary feedback.


Adjusting your Training Plan

Your coach is there for you every step of the way. During your training plan, your progress will be assessed and your plan will be updated based on your progress.


Next Steps

If you are ready to start your training plan, request a consultation with Coach Jessica Diaz today to get started! 


Running Coach

Jessica Diaz, RRCA Level 1 

Ultrarunner. Running Coach. Race Director. Trail Enthusiast. Fitness and wellness enthusiast.

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