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Getting Started

How to get started with any of the Wellness and Performance Services that we offer such as Dietetic Counseling, Personal Training and Performance Coaching.

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Nutrition and Dietetic Counseling

Specialized Nutrition and Dietetic Counseling including Sports Nutrition, Bariatric Surgery and Eating Disorders.


Fitness Studio Classes

Spin and Yoga Studio with a full schedule of a variety of other classes. Drop-ins only $5! 

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Running Coaching

Customized training program and one-on-one coaching service with RRCA Level 1 Certified Running Coach and Race Director.

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Personal Training

Home of the "Two-Step Consultation" Process. Exercise Specialists perform baseline testing to customize and maintain your training program.


24hr Fitness Studio

24 Hour Member Only Access Fitness Studio with Top of the line equipment and interactive fitness.

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Health Coaching

Health and Wellness Planning and Coaching with a Certified Health Coach on Staff.

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Small Group Classes

Small, intimate and customized group classes. All the benefits of one-on-one Personal Training with added peer support and accountability! We also offer sport-specific group training for local athletic teams. 

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Cancer Rehab

Non-profit research-based exercise program founded to improve quality of life of local Cancer Survivors in Carteret County.


Body Composition

Modern and sophisticated technologies to determine the structures of your body such as InBody and Styku. 

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