AlterG Treadmill

Take back control. Move the way you were meant to move.

If you can’t remember what it’s like to walk or run without pain or fear of falling, the AlterG Treadmill, available only at Crystal Coast Wellness, can give you back the freedom you once enjoyed.


AlterG Uses


Orthopedic Injury or Surgery

REgain strength, mobility, and endurance following injury or surgical intervention more quickly and with less pain.

— total hip or knee replacement

— Acl reconstruction

— meniscectomy/meniscal repair

— microfracture

— achilles repair

— post fracture


Neurologic Conditions

Regain strength and endurance while managing neurologic conditions such as:

— Parkinson’s disease

— muscular dystrophy

— stroke recovery

— cerebral palsy


Chronic Conditions

Minimize pain and improve endurance while managing chronic conditions such as:

— obesity

— arthritis & inflammatory joint disease

— diabeties

— Peripheral artery disease


Sports Injury and Recovery

— continue training and limit down time by safely training through injuries

— increase training volume while minimizing stress related injury



rent time on the alterg treadmill and rediscover the freedom you’ve been missing.

30 minutes for $30

60 minutes for $60

90 minutes for $90

all individuals will be trained to use the alterg treadmill by a staff member and will be required to demonstrate competency with the treadmill before being allowed to use independently.

For more information on the AlterG Treadmill and to book an appointment, please contact us and a staff member will reach out to you within 24 hours.